Elevating ELISPOT to an Exact Science

CTL has long been recognized as the leader in peer-reviewed scientific publications on ELISPOT assays, instrumentation, and software, as well as their clinical applications. In recent years, CTL has expanded its portfolio to include instrumentation for bacterial, yeast, stem cell, and tumor colony counting, as well as for analyzing various plaque and clonogenic assays. Also offered are reagent solutions such as cryopreserved PBMC, CEF peptide pools, and serum-free media.

And now we completed our porfolio with ELISPOT Kits; A brand new set of Kits offering valuable and unique advantages on the market, that will make your ELISPOT assays finally as easy and reliable as you are expecting them to be.

CTL products include:

CTL Elispot Analyzer and Well pictures counted with ImmunoSpot software